IRINA KIRBABA     IRINA  KIRBABA (Uzbekistan – Russia)

  Russia  map j0101208  Irina Kirbaba is the featured student in this first issue of the multimedia English_For_You Web Magazine. Irina Kirbaba, originally from Uzbekistan, is now living and working in Moscow, Russia as a financial consultant! Discover more about Irina by reading her very interesting topics such as “Lucid Dreaming” , “Men vs. Women”, and “Favorite Pastime? Traveling!”.  Happy reading! Enjoy! : )  English_For_You! 

Lucid Dreaming book cover (medium)

Lucid Dreaming

Do you want to extend your life? I think most people would answer affirmatively. If you are one of one of these people then you should try “Lucid Dreaming”. The origins of Lucid Dreaming go back over 1000 years to the Tibetan Buddhist monks (link: http://www.lucidity.com/DreamYoga.html)  This technique lets you live actively while you are sleeping. Moreover during lucid dreaming you can realize your fantasies; everything that is impossible for you to realize in real life. The most popular activities during lucid dreaming are flying and sex. You can have a second life or anything you want. Sounds sweet!  Even better you do not need to spend time or money to join an online community like Second Life!

However, during a lucid dream if you are able to realize that you are dreaming and at the same time guide your actions to achieve the experience you are seeking then this is the highest peak of lucid dreaming. Although I find lucid dreaming intriguing I have never consciously done it. But now that I have learned about lucid dreaming I realize that I once experienced a lucid dream! In my dream I was flying and below me I saw an underwater forest and a clearing. The water was so blue and transparent that I could see everything clearly. This was a tremendous and exhilarating experience!  After discovering more about different methods of altering consciousness I realize that lucid dreaming is not an easy technique and that it takes time to become an expert or master.

I was surprised to find on the Internet such a large quantity of literature and fans dedicated to lucid dreaming.

Maybe…. it is time for you to start, too?



M E N    V S    W O M E N

Power struggle      06  Men vs Women  handwrestling  bots1-425

Have we become opponents nowadays?


Part of the problem is the perennial discussion about who is more intelligent using arguments that declare that men have heavier brains with more neurons that gives them the possibility to process more information. That is why men more often became Nobel Prize winners and have higher average IQ test results than women. There are some doubts about the validity of IQ tests because some psychologists have affirmed that IQ tests have been adapted several times to men’s thinking abilities while not being particularly friendly to women’s thinking abilities.  At the same time research has shown that more men have modest mental faculties than women.

 06 Godonnie-MenWomenWhosSmarterThanWho379

It is interesting to note that now in the middle of my career, I am generally surrounded by successful men. But I ask myself: Where the hell did they come from?  It is well known that the vast majority of girls obtain superior and very successful results while attending school and university while most boys usually obtain mediocre results. In fact, often boys try to take advantage of the girls’ superiority in academic excellence to obtain help to pass their exams. What happened between then and now?   I can only explain this by the fact that most women after school and university dedicate themselves to making and taking care of a family which takes them out of the job market for long periods of time.


Woman with baby doing household chores  203923167_582e2fb9c5_m

Nowadays, women have penetrated different spheres of our lives: politics, business, science and so on. Men now must share their sphere of influence with women.  Men are being forced to provide tangible proof and evidence of the assumption that they are naturally superior to women. Why do men make such an effort to prove their superiority? The fact that male superiority needs to be constantly proved and supported by evidence undermines their supposed superiority.

 06  women-and-business

Nevertheless, why should we become opponents nowadays? Inferiority or superiority are both concepts that should not be applied to either men or women.

We all want the same things. But we perceive life differently. We also have different priorities when it comes to relationships and sex.

But we cannot deny that: Men want women. Women want men.

We need each other’s company.


Favorite Pastime!?   Travelling!

Traveling   Plane

I would like to spend my whole life travelling, if I could borrow another life to spend at home.”  William Hazlitt, 1778-1830, British Essayist.


I do not have any hobbies but what I like is traveling.  All stages of traveling are very interesting to me:  from organizing the trip to the trip itself. I start to enjoy a trip from its preparation.  In this way  I can foretaste my trip: I dream of the places I will see, how interesting and enjoyable they will be. I spend hours choosing the places and the period for traveling, the hotels and airlines, the routes, and excursions (Thanks to the Internet I have the possibility to organize my own trips). Another way that I enjoy my trips is that when I come back home, I always share information and my experiences with the people I know. I can travel alone, with family members, or close friends. My trips are based on my interests and budget. If I were a rich person the first thing that I would do is travel all over the world.

Pastime KIRINA  Essay  Phi Phi Island  ahmed route home w

Phi Phi Island (Thailand)

My last trip was to Thailand. It is a very interesting country with a lot of places to visit. The route I took was the following: Bangkok –  Phuket Island – Phi Phi Don Island – Krabi – Bangkok. Visiting Phi Phi Islands had been my long-standing dream since the time  I watched the film “The Beach” starring Leonardo DiCaprio. For me Thailand is associated with beautiful nature, kind people, delicious cuisine and, without a doubt, massages!

On my list of places to visit in the medium-term period: Czech (Prague), Italy, and Brazil.  

My next trip will be to Egypt…… to relax: just to lay on the beach, snorkel, and read books.   Join me! : )

Pastime  KIRINA Essay bora-bora-snorkeling

 Snorkeling in the Red Sea at Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt!



5 thoughts on “Irina Kirbaba

  1. I love everything you’ve done with the magazine! Bravo! (Brava?) Lol. I can’t wait to read the upcoming articles featuring your students! Today, snorkeling in the Red Sea tomorrow — who knows where I’ll go!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you, Sharon…. so much for your wonderful comment ….full of encouragement and enthusiasm! Yes, together with my students, we will all travel the world and see it through the “windows” of their eyes! Stay tuned….another student is getting ready to open their …window! 🙂

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