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 Ruth Marìa Serrato Cardozo (Colombia)
Project Manager

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Ruth Marìa Serrato Cardozo, an Information Systems Engineer and Project Manager, originally from Colombia, now living and working in Puerto Rico, is the featured student in this edition of English_For_You Web Magazine! Discover more about Ruth by reading her very interesting topics wherein she shares very personal ideas about her family, profession,and more! Just click and take a peek! Happy reading! Enjoy! : ) English_For_You!


Well, what can I say about myself? 🙂  Or perhaps better would be…….what do others say about me? People who know me say that some of my best qualities are that I am a hardworking, honest, and kind person. They know that I worry about my family and always want them to be happy. The most important thing in my life is my family; my husband and my two sons, my mother, my sisters and my brother and then my other relatives. I think that we are a very close-knit family.

Left to right: My mother Luz Marina, my youngest son Andre, my oldest son Julian, me, and my husband Iván.

Left to right: My mother Luz Marina, my youngest son Andre, my oldest son Julian, me, and my husband Iván.


The second most important aspect of my life is my work. I am a Systems Engineer; I have a MBA and a certificate in Technical Accounting. I worked for a bank for twelve years then I got a job at an international software company and I have been working for them for over six years. With my current job I have had the opportunity to travel to several countries. I have been to Chile, Brasil, Perú, Venezuela, Madrid and Puerto Rico. I am originally from Colombia but I now live and work in Puerto Rico. My family and I have been in Puerto Rico since 2003. We like Puerto Rico because is a beautiful island with wonderful and friendly people.

Some of the things I like to do are: reading the Colombian newspaper called “El Tiempo” online, exercising to keep fit, watching TV (documentary shows, news, and some TV series). I do exercises with my static bicycle, ball, weights and on a mat. One of my favorite TV series is “House”. I also enjoy cooking and inviting my friends to my home. I read El Tiempo and El Nuevo Día every day. The first newspaper “El Tiempo” is Colombian and the second “El Nuevo Dia” is Puerto Rican.






Luz Marina (my mother )

Luz Marina (my mother )

One common saying is “There is only one mother”. In my case, my mother is truly unique. When she was twenty years old, she lost her father and since then she has been taking care of her family. She has been the main support for her entire family. She had to support her mother until her mother died. The family core surrounding my mother was her father, her mother, and her four sisters, and two brothers. Her father and mother  have died but her sisters and brothers are still alive. Now my mother is 69 years old and even though I see that she is a little tired she continues to work very hard.

My mother has always encouraged me to study. I think that I owe her for who I am today. She is an extrovert and has a strong character. My mother is also hardworking and a successful entrepreneur. Actually, she has several farms and enjoys working on these farms. My mother always has various projects to execute. For example: she could think about asking someone to add one or more rooms to one of her houses or renew or change some crops on her farms. In conclusion, I would just like to say that she will always be busy and will have many things to do for as long as she lives. It is her personality and lifestyle!


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Being a Project Manager

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For anyone who is thinking about becoming a project manager I have decided to write a simple and easy to understand essay, about different aspects of my job as a project manager. I will try to write in such a way that it is easy to follow and comprehend my ideas.

In order to introduce and describe my job as a project a manager I have summarized the five most important aspects of my job which are the following: reports, results, resources, being rigorous, and establishing and following a routine. 




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In regards to the word “report” in relation to a project this would mean an oral or most commonly a written document which gives information and details about a project. Some examples of reports are: meeting minutes, document requests, change requests, analysis and development documents, agendas, status reports, and others. When speaking about reports this means any document that mentions some aspect of the project.



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In a project there are several types of resources. One type of resource regards the financial aspect of the project such as the project budget. Other resources are human and physical resources. Human resources are people who contribute and collaborate in all stages of the project. Physical resources are all things that the project needs for its execution, for instance: buildings, equipment, software, etc.



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Being Rigorous

The word “rigorous” has several definitions all of which indicate strict attention to details and procedures. Especially the person who is responsible for the project is expected to rigorously follow each stage of the project and the results obtained by each team member. The sum of the individual results is the final result of the project.



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Establishing and following a routine

When I speak about routine I am referring to activities that are constantly repeated Most of the activities performed while completing a project are repetitive and these activities are called “routine”.  An activity that has been done in a previous project will most likely be the same or similar to an activity that is needed to complete another project. The various stages needed to complete a project are the same so it is natural that these activities are similar for each project.



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In conclusion, if all the previous aspects have been carried out in a proper and professional manner then excellent results are practically guaranteed.  If your client is satisfied, it indicates that the results are what they had hoped for but if your client is not satisfied, it means the results were bad and you probably will lose a client.The results of a project are very important because it means that the handling of the activities regarding the project were either successful or unsuccessful.


Ok! Now that we have taken a serious look at how things SHOULD BE DONE……It is time to watch a very funny video about project management that will really make you laugh!  Does this video remind you of some of your colleagues? Or maybe even of yourself !?!  lol







“F” WORDS !!!    : )



F-words   No NOT  that kind

Click on the image to visit this wonderful website and start improving your English pronunciation! 🙂

Now, to test my creative abilities and to improve my English vocabulary,  I have chosen to play around with some “F” words!  NO….not that kind!  🙂

Did you know that in the English language there are approximately 6597 words in the English dictionary that begin with the letter “f” ?  Wait! Do not worry…… I have chosen to write about only five of them!  They are: fabulous, fear, fidelity, forget, and furious.



FABULOUS  images
I could say that “fabulous” is an abstract concept. That is to say, fabulous is an adjective used to say that a situation is delightful or very pleasant. Two examples could be:

1. It is fabulous to finally meet you because I have heard so much about you and your activities.

2. Last week there was a fabulous play at the theater.  (Here, I am clarifying that the play was exceptionally good.)

In both cases <<fabulous >> is a way to express a subjective concept which obviously expresses a personal opinion. Do you think that you are FABULOUS!?  Yes! 🙂  No?  Ok….then what or who do you think is fabulous?  Why?




fear_173735.jpg Best


In regards to the word “fear“, I could comment that this word is used to express a strong emotion. Fear is the feeling that a person or animal has when they anticipate pain or danger.  What are some of the things that you fear? What frightens you? What are you afraid of?




Fidelity and Infidelity  images

High Fidelty  TV  images

Fidelity” is a word used to express the quality of being faithful. Fidelity can be demonstrated by people, animals or things. For example: I am faithful to my husband because he is my only companion and friend. Another example:  A television is faithful to an electronic signal when images can be seen accurately and clearly on the TV monitor. High Fidelity or Infidelity — can be applied to both humans and machines! So….. just how faithful and trustworthy are you? Be honest!  🙂



Forget  did you forget something images


People use the word “forget” when they do not remember something. Obviously when do not remember something you forget. To <<forget>> is a way that some people use to avoid unpleasant memories or to conveniently “forget” to do something they do not want to do!  🙂  Have you “forgotten” to do something today?!




Furious man  images

Last but definitely not least is the word “furious”. This word is used to express extreme anger and anxiety. In today’s society extreme anger and anxiety are considered to be pathological. If you are always angry, furious, and in anxiety it means that you feel that you have no control over your life and the events around you. This can be a very dangerous situation for everyone involved such as family, friends, and colleagues. People with this problem  should and can get professional help to manage their anger! How about you? How do you handle anger and negative feelings?










Now, last but not least let’s take a look at “society and social norms” which is always a controversial topic!

First of all, the term “society” is often difficult to define because it has different connotations. Nevertheless, I will attempt to define the term “society” as applied toward people and not animals. Then the question is: What is a society? If I search in my dictionary, it defines a society as: “a formal association of people with similar interests”.
At this moment it occurred to me that we can define a society as: a set of people who coexist inside of a set of social norms. But by default, I would have to define, what are “social norms” and who are establishing them.



Under the Influence: How the Group Changes What We Think

 Under the Influence: How the Group Changes What We Think

 If I want to define “social norms”, I see that this concept regards human conduct determined to be valid by a particular set of people. Consequently, for a certain conduct to be considered valid it has to be accepted in part or totally by a group of people. This fact is illustrated very clearly, in an interesting article,“Under the Influence: How the Group Changes What We think”, published in the Wall Street Journal which identifies and discusses in detail the various aspects of group dynamics and what effect this has on individual behavior.

Therefore, in order to further understand “social norms”, the next step would be to ask ourselves:
1. How does a society establish valid social norms or rules of behavior?
2. How does society know if a certain conduct is right or wrong for the mentioned society?
3. What has happened over time that has caused a certain conduct or behavior to be accepted or rejected by society?

Perhaps if we want to answer these questions we would have to check and to review human history to find events and circumstances that have caused our society to change constantly. The human race has evolved not only physically but also emotionally. The events and circumstances that have happened through time have been instrumental in making sure that human conduct and the rules of behavior have also evolved and changed accordingly.





Breaking Social Norms

 I think that we can all reflect on the meaning of society and our place in it. To facilitate this reflection here below are some pertinent questions that we can ask ourselves and maybe someone would like to continue discussing this topic:

– Should a society be considered evolved if it has begun to accept marriage among same-sex couples?
– Should a society be considered evolved because it is little by little allowing the consumption of some drugs that were previously considered illegal?
– What conduct or behavior should be really accepted?
– What will be the consequences to society in the future for accepting some rules of behavior that were previously totally rejected?
– In conclusion should the fact there are now same-sex marriages and an increased consumption of previously illegal drugs indicate that a society has evolved?

In conclusion, this topic is very profound and important, and I would need to dedicate a lot of time to social analysis before being able to establish conclusions or sustain any argued positions. However, in the end, we must all find our own way to personal happiness and satisfaction. We should try to live in such a way that at the end of our lives we can say, like Frank Sinatra:  “I did it my way!”.

Frank Sinatra  My Way

VIDEO (with lyrics) :  “My Way”……….Frank Sinatra


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