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Slovakia   map  slov-MMAP-mdMichal Trubini, originally from Slovakia, now living and working in Warrington, England, is the featured student in this edition of English_For_You Web Magazine! Discover more about Michal as he reveals his thoughts and feelings about various interesting topics!  Michal is also an external student of philosophy at the University of London [Warrington] and is therefore a perennial  “renaissance man”. Undoubtedly, his thoughtful essays will stimulate and invite you to think more deeply about our existence and the world around us!   Happy reading! 🙂


Sub Specie Aeternitatis


“If sub specie aeternitatis there is no reason to believe that anything matters then that does not  matter either, then we can approach our absurd lives with irony instead of heroism or despair.”  Thomas Nagel

The philosophical ideal I am trying to follow can be expressed in Latin with the words “Sub specie aeternitatis”. The rough English translation is “from the perspective of the eternal”. In order to be better understood this concept requires some explanation, which I will try to provide here below:

Whatever you do is followed by consequences. To support this claim I can give you several examples: If you decide at this moment not to read these words, your future will unfold differently. Or, let’s say that you have a certain train of thought in your mind. If you decide to follow it, you will have a different set of thoughts than if you decide not to follow it. This decision will create a different state of mind and consequently  your physically perceivable actions will be different.

“From the perspective of the eternal“ you ask yourself: What actions do I have to  undertake in my life, so that their consequences will last longer than my material existence? Or, if you are a spiritual person, you can paraphrase it as: What actions do I have to undertake, so that their consequences will be part of the Creator’s plan?

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—  Seeker of Light  —



I dream of a state of mind where I see how and why things happen. This poses an epistemological problem: Is such wisdom achievable? If a human being is a mortal thing, then our lives are limited by a short span of time. If the only way we can obtain knowledge is to use our reason (which supposedly is a product of the brain) then our knowledge (if we have any) is heavily conditioned by the flaws and limits of our mind. On the other hand, immediate insight into things requires that the observer be a part of these things; more precisely expressed: the observer and that which is being observed, share a common essence.



There are different definitions of skepticism out there. I consider skepticism as a path to knowledge. As Michael Shermer put it in a July 2009 issue of Scientific American:  “I am a skeptic not because I do not want to believe but because I want to know.“

If somebody is just satisfied with what they believe because it makes them feel safe and comfortable, do they really care about the truth?

Ying Yang blue  imagesYing Yang blue  imagesYing Yang blue  images


I edit Wikipedia

About one year ago I found a passion that perfectly suits my interests. Wikepedia! 🙂   Wikipedia is an online encyclopaedia, which can be edited by anyone. I work on the Slovakian version . My areas of interest include philosophy (I study philosophy as an external student at the University of London [Warrington]), policy-making, and watching recent changes and current events. I have realised that I can transfer the skills I am learning while working on Wikipedia into my everyday life. Click here to visit my user page! Thank you! 

A Fan of Art

Homme_de_vitruve   wikipedia commons


I am not an expert on arts but I appreciate good paintings and sculptures (Renaissance particularly), poetry, and literature in general. The artist is able to capture life and idealize some of its features, so that they become more comprehensible and you gain a feeling that something has opened inside of you.

Wushu Beginner

 Jian event at the 10th All China Games (2005)

Jian (Wushu) event at the 10th All China Games (2005)

Wushu is a sport derived from a Chinese martial arts. I decided to practice it for its acrobatic character, the demands it makes on physical fitness, and because I see it as a way to maintain strength, vitality, and flexibility.

If you want to see what the training looks like please click on the link below to watch a very interesting video which actually shows the Dragon Wushu gymnasium in Warrington, England – the place where I  train.

Dragon Wushu School of Chinese Martial Arts  wp08338be6_06

VIDEO:  Dragon Wushu gymnasium in Warrington, England


Mt. Krivan as seen from the village of Vychodna  (Slovakia)

Mt. Krivan as seen from the village of Vychodna (Slovakia)

Currently, I am living, working, and studying for a degree in Philosophy in Warrington, England. To be honest, I must admit that I do not have strong feelings for my country in the way people who call themselves nationalists do. However, I do feel some sort of emotional attachment towards my country and I believe that the place where I was born is the place where I have to and want to live and work. It is for these reasons that I intend to return to Slovakia after I have finished my studies here in the UK.


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