Queenie Chan  (Hong Kong)

China-map-w-Hong-Kong200Queenie Chan is a high school junior from Hong Kong who has some                     very definite ideas about how to choose friends, the benefits of drinking               jasmine tea, and teenagers who smoke!  Listen up! 🙂


Choosing your friends

Life may go on without a wife or a husband but not without friends. Although, Robinson Crusoe was on a deserted island, he needed a friend  — Wilson. Everyone has the right to choose their  friends. It is an honor to be a friend to others. However, it is not always a happy thing. Sometimes, you may feel depressed. Not everyone you like will come by and ring your door bell. As for my personal experience I have found that are four types of friends which I will try to describe here below.

  1. A friend who has a “royal air” and humor

Everyone likes these kinds of friends. However, the probability of meeting these kinds of friends is very low. A person with a royal air gets people’s respect while a person with humor makes people laugh. People are anxious to have friends like these because they possess both of these positive qualities and have a good personality. Friends are like a mirror. Your friends will reflect your personality.

Young people on beach evening  silhouette

  1. A friend who has a “royal air” but is dull and boring

This kind of person is called a real encyclopedia and has a very high level of education. They have  an excellent all-round knowledge but  because they are not an expert in communication other people are sometimes reluctant to speak with them. You would be bored having a conversation with them. You will feel pressure trying to follow them after you start the conversation because they are not likely to answer your question in a simple way. They often answer your question in different ways using many difficult words and examples. You just cannot understand what they are talking about! Being a friend with such person, might make you feel like you are taking medicine that makes you feel tired and sleepy!


  1. A friend who is vulgar and also tries to be funny

They can take over all kinds of conversations. They are very competent in hiding their narrow knowledge. In spite of this everyone likes to talk to them because they make people joyful. When you are upset, I am sure you would like to meet these kinds of friends. If you were Robinson Crusoe would you choose this kind of friend or type 2?

red hot smiley

  1. A friend who is vulgar and dull

Almost no one recognizes themselves to be vulgar and dull —  even if they are! Even worse, some of these people may actually think they have a “royal air” and humor. However, these kinds of people rarely make and have friends.

Negative smiley


Jasmine Tea

jasmine tea and teapot   Qchan  19July2011

Jasmine tea is green tea that has been mixed with freshly dried jasmine flowers. The flavor of jasmine tea is subtly sweet and unique. That’s why jasmine tea attracts tea lovers’ heart. Jasmine tea does not just taste good, it also has a lot of health benefits.

One of them is that jasmine tea helps people to relieve stress and body tension. It is good to have a cup of jasmine tea while you are working busily or when your brain is clogged with useless facts. Next time when you are facing difficulties that give you a headache, may I suggest that you sip a little bit of jasmine tea and go on with your work! Do not push yourself too hard! :DDDDDDDD

jasmine tea bags

I am in love with Jasmine tea!!!!!!!!!! The fresh flavor of jasmine tea relieves stress and gives me energy to go on with my work!!!!!!! Let’s everybody make some jasmine tea and in put it in the fridge! It is perfect for summer or wintertime!!!!!!!!

For more information about jasmine tea click here: http://www.dragonpearltea.com/jasmine-tea.shtm

You can serve and drink jasmine tea in a traditional cup and saucer or sip it from an elegant chalice! Why not!  :))

Jasmine-Tea   Qchan  19 July 2011jasmine_tea5c  glass of jasmine tea    Qchan  19 July 2011


Teenagers and Smoking

teen girls smoking

Today, I was astonished at what I saw in the toilet at recess. Some students were smoking! When I stepped into the toilet, they gave me a rude stare. They were all holding a cigarette. I tried my best to hide my loathing and walked in. One of them was blowing some smoke out of her nose while I was crossing in front of them. My eyes could not stand the smoke. I felt uncomfortable when I was washing my hands because I inhaled the smelly smoke into my lungs. The smell even made me feel dizzy.

As I came out from the toilet, Miss Wong was passing by. I followed her steps to the stairs far from the toilet and told her what I had seen in the toilet. Her facial expression told me she was shocked too. She asked me whether I knew the students’ names. However, the students were from Form 3 and I did not know any of them. I told Miss Wong that one of them had light brown hair. I thought Miss Wong might know who she was.  After 15 minutes of chatting with Miss Wong, the recess bell rang and she asked me to go back to the classroom.

Teenagers smoking

Why are there so many juveniles smoking nowadays? They know that the ingredients, nicotine and tar in cigarettes will make them addicted and damage their health. Why spend a lot of money on buying cigarettes? I do not understand it. Even though the new 334 academic learning structure in Hong Kong is stressful, using cigarettes is not a good or intelligent method to relieve the stress. They should stay focused on studying and when they are stressed, they might for example: hang out with friends just to talk, listen to music, or maybe go to see a movie. Sports are especially good for relieving stress and experts always say that playing sports and getting yourself sweaty will help you to relieve stress and to be happier.

Teens stop smoking  T_StopSmoking_Header1



In conclusion, I would just like to say that I hope that students who smoke will quit  because if I were their parents, I would feel very hurt when I discovered my child smoking. Being a child, you do not want to disappoint your family who love and care about you. Giving up smoking is a hard thing. However, smoking is not just damaging your health, it also damages your lover or your friends who do not smoke. Inhaling secondhand smoke is the same as smoking a cigarette.

I am praying for the students who smoke and hoping that they quit smoking as soon as possible.

smoking death


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