Kai Yorck  (Germany) Computer Specialist (Systems Engineer)

Kai Yorck (Germany) Computer Specialist (Systems Engineer)

Munich (Germany) Kai Yorck hails from Munich, Germany  — and  is the featured student for this issue of  the English_For_You Web Magazine! Kai is employed as a Computer Specialist (Systems Engineer) and is married with two young sons. His interests and hobbies are numerous and include life-long learning, traveling, and fortune-telling! 😉 Find out more about Kai in this issue and  take a peek at the world in which we live from another perspective!  Happy reading!   English_For_You! 🙂


Why I think Fortune-Telling is illogical

I can see your future

Introduction First of all, what is “fortune-telling”?  Fortune-telling is the practice of predicting information about a person’s life.There are various methods used in the practice of fortune–telling that are used by some more or less mystical people to tell us something about our future.   I am sure you know or have heard of at least half a dozen of these practices like fortune-telling with cards, tarot reading, crystallomancy (reading of a crystal sphere or ball),  chiromancy (palmistry, reading of the palms) and astrology which is the interpretation of the positions of the planets at the exact time when the umbilical cord between you and your mother was cut —  just to mention only the most well-known ones around the world and especially in Germany.

Fortune telling --  the tools of the trade!

Fortune-telling — some tools of the trade!

Probably, whether you have liked or believed it or not you have had your fortune told more than once. Maybe you have asked yourself the question if there really even exists a method that can predict your personal future. In this essay, I am trying to answer this question by using only logic and no prejudices —- for or against fortune-telling.  

Not believing in a Higher Power nor fortune-telling

No higher power

Do you deny the existence of a POWER like God, Jehovah, Allah, Krishna —  or whatever you prefer to call this Higher Power, that exists outside of ourselves? Do you believe only in things or phenomena that are described by the natural sciences like mathematics, physics or chemistry?  If you do, then you really cannot believe in something mystical like fortune-telling, because if there is nothing outside of ourselves then also stars, cards or palms cannot provide us with any true information. Therefore, you probably fall down laughing when you hear about people who firmly believe in mystical practices like fortune-telling.

To be religious and believe in fortune-telling

Trust in your Higher Power

Ok, most of us, do not want to exclude completely the possibly of the existence of a Higher Power. Perhaps, you are even strongly convinced that a Higher Power exists who we must thank for our lives and our good fortune.  Furthermore, perhaps you are convinced that we should do good deeds like praying, giving food to the poor, or donating money to charities to achieve the endless mercy of a Higher Power. If this is your conviction, then please allow me to ask you a question and also offer a possible response. If your destiny is already written then how can a Higher Power  (please substitute “Higher Power” with any name or concept associated with your personal belief system) change your destiny?

1). One way is that the Higher Power, or a representative or somebody else has already written the story of your life in a hypothetical huge book which contains the exact description of your present live, the lives of all your ancestors, and the lives of all your descendants Our fortune-telling tools such as stars, cards, crystal balls, are supposed to somehow be able to read this book and can tell us the content of some of the pages in the future chapters.

2). The second possibility is that God (or a Higher Power) has such an unimaginable intelligence and is able to predict all actions of all living creatures. Subsequently, the next question is should God send this information to some special fortunetellers to be interpreted via their special tools and above all why does this occur?

Have you already noticed the contradiction between “believing in God (a Higher Power) ” and “believing in any kind of fortune telling”? Let me explain further: Assumed, it is now already fixed that I will commit a bad crime or a serious sin such as committing a cruel murder, a rape, a robbery or whatever on  let’s say 31 March.   Consequently, on the 1 April, I will not think that I am guilty of a crime due to the fact that I could not have avoided it because as explained previously, like destiny – it was fixed a long time ago. We could only discuss, and hypothesize that the doctor who cut my umbilical cord at the wrong second is the one who is really guilty and responsible for all the crimes that I have committed! Furthermore, if this is the case, then no criminal can be condemned for any crime committed nor can their worst sins be condemned by God (or a Higher Power). The unfortunate individual did not have the tiniest chance of changing or avoiding their fate or karma. Even weekly/ daily/ hourly praying or giving money to the poor could not have changed what had already been fixed since the beginning of time.

Fate Life Destiny

Conclusion: To be religious and believe in fortune-telling at the same time is not logical, because fortune-telling excludes the possibility to change our fate or destiny and therefore to be responsible for our actions during our existence on this planet. To not be religious also excludes the consideration of fortune telling. Primarily, due to the fact that there is not an imaginable or concrete source of information besides our own current lives, which can be tapped and interpreted by a fortune teller’s tools. Consequently, at worst a fortune teller can seriously damage your life —  or at best they just want to take your money! Fake foturne teller



1. Favorite childhood memories? When I was about fourteen my friend and I traveled 600 km by bicycle to visit my grandmother. We traveled from Munich to Hanover in the first week of August and it took us about four days. We traveled night and day as fast as we could. We prepared or bought our food along the way. We intended to sleep in our tents but we ended up sleeping in bus stations and sometime even under a bridge. You can imagine how we smelled we arrived at my grandmother’s. This was the first time that I had ever been alone on my own and it was a very exciting adventure for both me and my friend!

Packed and ready for an exciting bicycle trip!

Packed and ready for an exciting bicycle trip!

2. Time travel? I would not mind time traveling about 50 to 100 years into the future because it is a space of time that is easier for me to imagine as far as advanced technology and future lifestyles are concerned. It would also be a bit after my natural lifespan so it would be interesting see what has happened to our world. I would hope that our planet would still be safe and not destroyed by war or natural disasters. By the way…..be careful! Some people are already trying to cash in on the possibility of time travel! Take a look! http://www.timetravelfund.com/ In any case……here is an interesting video about ten real incidents of documented time travel!  Check it out!

“Ten Incidents that Prove that Time Travel Exists”

3. What event has changed your life destiny? My marriage and the subsequent births of my two wonderful sons have, of course, changed my life and destiny. Now, I have the pleasure and the responsibility of thinking about a family although this was not something that I had planned.

Becoming a husband and father are two life-changing moments!

Becoming a husband and father were two very important life-changing moments for me!

4. What would you do if you won the lottery? I would stop working for money and buy a large house for me and my family in Munich and another one in Thailand. I would find some reputable charities for children and the elderly and make some donations. I would like to travel around the world but only to places that interest me and not the usual tourist attractions. By the way, please take a look at this information about How to Deal With Winning the Lottery“! Who knows you might just win the lottery! 🙂 WinTheLotteryPic4Smaller

5. What’s your theory on deja vu? I think it is a person’s imagination and that a person verifies what they would like to believe and hope is true.

6. What grade level of school was your preferred one? I really liked the first two grade levels of elementary school because there was not a lot of stress. At that age learning is an adventure and everything is new and interesting and seems much easier to learn!

7. Worst date ever? I have no memory of a “worst date ever”! Maybe I have blocked it out?!  LOL However, a lot of people not only remember their worst date; they make videos about it!  Here is a link to Youtube video search results for Worst Date Ever. Attention! there are some very hilarious……horror stories! LOL worst date ever

8. What gets you excited? Learning something new gets me excited because it is an opportunity that helps me to grow and improve.


9. First life memory? My first recorded memory is when I was about two or three years old our family dog, a little toy poodle, bit my finger and I remember this incident very vividly! Angry poodle

10. Favorite toy as a child? I remember that I liked playing with a remote controlled Ferrari sports car! I could pretend that I was a famous race car driver! VRoooooM!  🙂

Ferrari remote controlled toy car

11. What outfit makes you feel the most sexiest or confident? I feel more confident and professional when I wear a suit. But at work I normally wear a pair of jeans, a long or short-sleeved shirt and a sweater depending on the season.

12. How do you spend your weekends? How I spend my weekends depends on the weather, holidays, or vacations and my family. We like to go hiking in the Alps, and we also like to go out to eat pizza, especially my children. My wife and I often go out together just the two of us without our children. We go shopping or to visit some part of Munich that we have not seen before. So, on the weekends I like to spend quality time with my family and relax but often I have to provide “taxi” service for my two sons who are eleven and eight years old. I drop them off at their friends’ house and then return to pick them up when they want to come home! I do not mind….it is all part of being a father.

"Fatherhood is the toughest job you'll ever have!"

“Fatherhood is the toughest job you’ll ever have!”

13. Favorite food? My favorite food is a wiener schnitzel ( Deep-fried breaded veal cutlets)…..traditionally served with potato salad and a wedge of lemon — and a nice cool glass non-alcoholic beer or water.

Weiner Schnitzel

Wiener Schnitzel

non alcoholic beer1

Beer — non-alcoholic and regular beer.

14. Do you believe in fate? No, I do not. I believe we are responsible personally and individually for whatever happens to us! I do not believe in fate  Don-draper

15.. How would you like to be remembered when you are dead and gone? I am not sure but one thing is certain I hope that not everyone will be happy when I die. I do not want to be buried in the ground I want to be cremated this would be an easier and less expensive solution for my family! In fact, my ashes could be valuable! Maybe my loved ones would like to turn me into a diamond. Diamonds are forever!  smiley-295353_640

Cremation Diamonds made from ashes

Cremation Diamonds made from cremation ashes.

16. Your ideas for a perfect night out…… First of all, I would like to have a multi-course seafood dinner starting from appetizers to champagne in a fancy restaurant near the seashore in a tropical location. After dinner, I would like to go with my wife to a nice club that has live entertainment! Then, after the show we could just sit there in a congenial atmosphere drink, talk, and just have fun. In my younger days, I probably would have stayed up all night but nowadays, I would like to be back home and in bed by 3:00 am at the latest!

fancy  legendary-seafood-platter

Live entertainment   BEST

17. Ideal vacation length? My ideal vacation is between two to three weeks! For me this neither too long nor too short. I prefer to have several short trips or vacations rather than one long one! In this way, I feel more excited because each short trip is a much needed break from my daily life and routine. In this way, I can return relaxed and reinvigorated — ready to tackle my daily life again with fresh and renewed energy!

what is your ideal vacation

18. Ideal 5/10 year life plan In the very near future —within five to maybe ten years my job is relatively safe. But to be honest, I think that my computer technology skills will probably become obsolete and my job will be replaced by computers who can practically monitor, update, improve, repair, and evolve by themselves — with minimum human assistance.

19. Five things you can’t live without. The five most important things that I cannot live without are: (1) My laptop (Acer), (2) my black Touring bicycle, (3) my pillow,  and (4) my blanket ! I cannot sleep well with a pillow or blanket that is not mine! Therefore, I try to avoid sleeping in hotels!  Last but not least (5) my Samsung Samsung Galaxy 10.1  tablet wchich I use to read e-books and listen to music on my way to work in the mornings on the subway!

five things


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