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English_For_You Web Magazine


Hello, my name is Shirley Marie Bradby (English_For_You)  and I am a freelance ESL teacher who has been teaching passionately for +16 years and online since January 2008! So far, I have taught +10,420 lessons to 591 students from 66 countries with a 99.90% positive feedback!

I am happy and honored to say that my students have rewarded my efforts and since March 2008, I have been the #1 Number One ….ESL American English teacher at  BuddySchool.com.

This English_For_You  Web Magazine has been created to showcase these students who are the members of my ever-expanding English_For_You global community of English language learners! Each issue will feature a different Buddy School.com student from a different country. Learn more about the students who are a part of the Buddy School community! Discover who they are, where they are from, and what they have to say about themselves!

As their ESL Teacher, Personal ESL Trainer, and Translator, I am happy to present some of these wonderful, intelligent, motivated, and very dynamic students from around the world! Who are my students? What are they like? What are their hopes and dreams? Curious? Find out what they thinking and how learning English has definitely changed their lives — for the better!

Yes, my students are real “windows” and through them, I see different perspectives and realities that I would like very much to share with you.

 English_For_You Web Magazine…..”Your window to the world of online ESL learners”.

Without further ado….. I present to you the English_For_You worldwide community!  Go ahead and take a peek! I am sure that you will like what you see!



WORLD FLAGS  Buddy School banner small tutors   WORLD FLAGS



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